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Premieres 7 October @ 10pm ET / PT

And now comes part two in a series I’d like to call “How do I get that job?” Keith Johnson admits that he has the best gig in the world. He is the buyer at large for Anthropogie’s 120 US and UK stores. So he travels the globe looking for decorative pieces of art and furniture to fill all those stores with an agent and a driver in each country to take him into all the nooks and crannies that we, as American tourists, would probably never discover. It’s an eight-part series which showcases some of the most unique treasures from diverse locales, beginning with visits to Paris and South Africa. All the usual travel show chit-chat is left behind, and instead we dive into 8am markets, the world of roadside artisans and stories about how some of these one-of-a-kind pieces came into being. Watching Johnson is far more interesting than most of the DIY and decorating gurus who clutter our televisions. He’s not there to make bitchy comments or tell anybody what to do or how to live. He just has a great eye for amazing things, big and small, and he takes each quest most seriously. Now everyone with a glue gun is going to be desperate for this guy to come discover them.