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Five years in, a TV show has real got to pump up the volume or turn the beat around if it wants to stay fresh and juicy.  As we begin this fifth year, Seattle Grace Hospital is in trouble.  Its ratings have dipped, its staff is on edge, and the patients just keep flooding the place.  This is the season when Izzie Stevens gets visited by the ghost of Denny Duquette because, well, she is about to get cancer and be called to the pearly gates.  People hook up, same-sex couples emerge, all the drama we’ve come to know from Seattle Grace is back.  And once you trudge through all 24 episodes of the show, you can move onto the paltry set of bonus features.  Among them is a gag reel that’s way too short and a nice little feature on the 100th episode of the show.  Of course, there’s a big cake in that one, and we take a look behind the scenes from the table read to the staging of the episode to the cutting room.  That script, written by series creator, Shonda Rhimes, is one of the best the show has had.  #100 is a reason to have a peek at these DVDs. The extras, not so much.