September is just about over and most of Fall TV has already premiered. Now we all get to sit back and watch which shows the networks grant full seasons and which ones will get the Ax. Here are my predictions.

On The Chopping Block

  • Accidentally on Purpose – Sorry Jenna Elfman, your day has come and gone.
  • Hank – I’m basing this purely on the lack of advertising they are giving it.
  • The Beautiful Life – “bitch, paleeze” (CANCELED)
  • Three Rivers – You know, I wish medical drama’s weren’t the go-to genre for “creative” development execs.

Will Live to Survive the Season

  • Melrose Place – Let’s be honest, this show is terrible. But CW is sticking to its ‘sex sells’ guns and has already ordered a full season of this. We will see if it gets a sophomore year. (FULL SEASON)
  • The Jay Leno Show – Even though NBC didn’t listen to my tips on how to save the show, the network is saving a crap load of money doing this and doesn’t have enough programming to fill up 5 hours of primetime.
  • The Vampire Diaries – In the words of Whitney Cummings “Vampires keep journals? That’s gay.” This one will have to step up its game if it wants to outlive the vampire trend.
  • Trauma – Everyone loves a good ‘out in the field, saving lives, explosions’ drama right? .. Right?

Up In The Air

  • Couger Town – Courtney Cox is back on TV and I kind of don’t mind it.
  • The Good Wife – This one has a lot of potential. Good writing, casting and acting. But then again that didn’t work out to well for Studio 60 and Friday Night Lights.
  • The Cleveland Show – Was Seth MAcFarlane involved at all in writing this show? If his name wasn’t attached it would have gotten yanked half way through the pilot.
  • Mercy – I liked the pilot but I just don’t know if this one has the legs to survive.
  • Eastwick – This is a hard one. Might just be cheesy enough to be good, but we will have to wait till the 3rd episode.

Will Live Happily Ever After

  • Glee – First of the Fall programs to get a full season order. And it deserves every episode. (FULL SEASON)
  • Modern Family – It’s like all the drama of Brothers & Sisters with all the comedy of ‘The Office.’ It can’t loose.
  • Community – As long as Joel McHale continues to be funny, this will be on the air.
  • FlashForward – With the producing and writing power behind this it’s a pretty safe bet.

Mid Season Replacements To Look Forward To:

  • Parenthood – NBCs answer to Brothers & Sisters.
  • Life UnXpected – A CW show that doesn’t involve half naked bi-polar teenagers.