Law and Order” Criminal Intent” without Det. Goren?

The Hollywood Reporter writes that Vincent D’Onofrio, Kathyryn Erbe and Eric Bogosian are all expected to be phased out at various points during the series’ upcoming ninth season. D’Onofrio has been a tour de force playing the extraordinarily intelligent but gloomy and moody Goren with Erbe as his partner since the show debuted in 2001. The part was so draining that the show added a second team of detectives to alternate cases. Jeff Goldblum debuted last season, replacing Chris Noth, and he was wonderful as a charming and quirky cop. . . and just as important, a character that fit better in the light-hearted, Monk-ish USA Network mold. D’Onofrio will be missed, but maybe he could get a USA makeover and hang around… a shave and a haircut, lose 20 pounds, start wearing Tommy Bahama shirts and date models.