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Simply put, the two-hour season six premiere of House is one of the best episodes of the entire series. In fact, “Broken” could have served as a perfect series finale.

Season five concluded with House admitting he had a problem with his addiction to Vicodin. Suffering from hallucinations and having lost his grip on reality, House checked himself into Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital. “Broken” picks up right where season five left off. After detoxing and bringing the hallucinations to a stop, House unsuccessfully tries to check himself out. The only thing stopping him is psychiatrist Dr. Darryl Nolan (Andre Braugher) who holds the key to letting House practice medicine again.

To come are the usual House shenanigans fans should come to expect; turning on the patients, turning on the doctors, mind games, mischief, etc. Without spoiling too much, House finds himself in a game he can’t beat.

In the season premiere, House conquers all (or most) of the emotional hurdles fans have rooted for him to do for the last five seasons (like being able to apologize to someone).

But with all this emotional growth comes a dilemma. One of the cornerstone arguments of House is that people never change, and if your concerned that House will comeback season six less snarky and quick witted as before, executive producer and director Katie Jacobs assures us that after “Broken” only a small part of House is fixed. There will still be plenty of irritability and bent up regression to seal up the rest season.