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There is a lot of buzz hovering around the upcoming season of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ for one reason; ‘Seinfeld Reunion.’

The “Not a reunion, reunion” serves as the centerpiece in season seven, but as with all things in ‘Curb’, nothing is done without an ulterior motive. In this case the reunion is sparked by Larry’s desired to reclaim his wife (Cheryl Hines.)

The season starts off with David trying to get out of his current relationship with Loretta Black (Vivica A. Fox) before she is possibly diagnosed with cancer. This pretty much sets the tone for the rest of the season (or at least the first three episodes) and as usual, the most minute social faux-paus blows awkwardly and hilariously out of proportion.

The Seinfeld Reunion doesn’t really kick off until the third episode of the season but you can expect it to span several episodes. And while we will never see the full reunion episode, Curb will provide enough information to Seinfeld fans to let them know where their favorite foursome are now in their lives.

With ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm‘ you never know if the current season will end up being its last. Larry and Cheryl may or may not end up together but one thing is for sure; season seven will completely change Seinfeld history.