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I’m still unclear as to how Addison Montgomery’s character from ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘ got her own show, but it’s about to enter year three, so I suppose it’s a moot point.  Despite the 22 episodes that make up season two on these DVDs, it doesn’t feel like a whole year of stuff has gone on.  Kinda weird, especially considering that one episode keeps jumping to one month later, one month later, etc. There’s some inter-office romance, some politics, some tears, but not really enough of any of those things to make it really juicy for week-to-week viewing.  But it’s still a good show (even if America will never know the depth of Audra McDonald) for all the sudsy elements that we can help but fall for.  Good news about the DVD is the special features.  Sure, there are bloopers, but those blooper selections are never quite long enough if you ask me.  The best feature on here showcases the photography of Chris Lowell (who plays Dell).  Lowell seems completely obsessed with traveling the globe and he has the images (black & whites) to prove it.  So if this is one of the shows that grabs you, then be sure to have a look at that chapter on the final disc.  And if you weren’t a fan of the series before, you’ll be watching the start of the new season if only to see where the cliffhanger baby mystery ends up.