Tonight @ 9pm

Well I am pleased to say that the new season of ‘Fringe‘ opens with another SHUT YO MOUTH! moment.  Agent Dunham returns, obviously but she’s a hot mess and the season one finale won’t be resolved for a while. The bad news is that the Fringe division is being shut down for its lack of usable information and probably budget cuts as well.  Walter Bishop (the ever-brilliant John Noble) is most excited about Peter’s (Joshua Jackson) upcoming birthday and there is a custard to be made.  But before any of that can happen, the case du jour must be addressed and it involves Dunham’s journey and, as usual, some really gross technology.  To aid the process in these troubled times, an ambitious FBI agent played by Meghan Markle has joined the team.  She may be around for more than a New York minute, but I don’t like new people so I’m hoping not.  She seems to exist as fresh eyes to get new viewers caught up on the cases from season one.  As Olivia says, “there really is no point when things can’t get weirder.” Please.  Let them get as weird as possible, as long as the show stays this damn good.  This one’s a two-parter though, so don’t be looking for too many answers tonight.  That JJ Abrams…such a tease.