Besides the usual Fall TV premieres and cool weather, here are some other things we think are awesome; September 2009.

Neil Patrick Harris as Emmys host

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The popular and funny “How I Met Your Mother” star revived the Tonys this year, and is the man to rescue Sunday’s Emmys following last year’s terrible five reality show hosts fiasco.

Susan Enan: Bird


The U.K. songstress has captured our ears with track #1, ‘Bird‘ off of her album, “Plainsong.”  Has this track been used on a CW show yet?
Buy the CD or Download it for just $5 if purchased before midnight on the 21st.

Katie Cassidy on “Melrose Place”


As long as she’s on the CW show, we’re watching.

Jessica Biel in “Easy Virtue”


While the film version of a Noel Coward play may have been a better concept than reality, the unlikely Ms. Jessica Biel is the stand-out performer and stand-alone reason to see it on DVD.  Colin Firth, Ben Barnes and Kristin Scott Thomas are all great, but Biel, as the only American of the group (on and off-screen) brandishes her knack for this comedy of manners.  That girl’s got chutzpah.

“The Brass Verdict” by Michael Connelly


Mickey Haller and Harry Bosch together in a riveting crime thriller. Paperback to keep in your bag this month.

Fantasy Football


There are 30 million fantasy players in the U.S. and Canada, an increase of 54 percent from two years ago. Are you one of them?

Screenwriter’s Award-Winner Set, Collection 7


Newmarket Press

For all you aspiring screenwriters, the shooting scripts to “Slumdog Millionaire,” “Juno” and “Little Miss Sunshine.”  Study up.

“Quiet Nights” by Diana Krall/”Love Is The Answer” by Barbra Streisand


Upcoming new albums from a pair of classy singers.

Amulet: Book Two: The Stonekeeper’s Curse


Graphix / Scholastic

A brother and sister continue their three-part journey to save their mother in the second volume of the Amulet trilogy. There’s cool stuff to encounter in the parallel world where their quest takes place, like a city of waterfalls and a giant, creepy serpent things. We like.