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I’m a bit of a sucker ABC’s sappy melodramatic drama porn’s (except for ‘Private Practice’) but the third season of Brother & Sisters was a little too soap and a little less sap.

Season three starts off to a rocky start. Recycling the who’s-the-sixth-sibling plot from season two, but this time with a mystery son instead of daughter. The new addition makes the usually waves disturbing the usual relationships.

Slowly but steadily the season climbs out of the rut with the overused Nora/Holly feud, the rocky Justin/Rebecca relationship and the Kitty/Robert ‘career over marriage’ fiasco plus the added drama of an adopted baby and a near miss affair. And lets not forget the drama (both on and off screen) with Tommy (Balthazar Getty) leaving the show.

They did add in some great special features to the season three DVD though, including a featurette on the ‘Mothers’ of Brothers & Sisters which is very nicely produced and interviews crew members from the producer and creator to the PA’s to talk about their own mothers. Also, a documentary following the cast to the real Ojai plus the usual (and extensive) gag real and deleted scenes.

Season four of Brothers & Sisters starts September 27th.