The CW / Premieres 16 September @ 9pm

We begin backstage at the Zac Posen show in Bryant Park, where the designer is making last-minute adjustments to a frock (“Take this necklace off and make it into a belt!”).  A young model is making her catwalk debut (Raina Mayer played by Sara Paxton) and it’s immediately apparent that she’s the next big thing because she can pout and stomp her feet at the same time.  The good news is that she has a heart of gold (and a few buried secrets).  The bad news is that she totes upstages what is supposed to be the triumphant return of a hot mess named Sonja Stone (Mischa Barton) who has been, well, out-of-town for a few months.  Unfortunately, Ms. Barton has forgotten the nuggets of wisdom she learned and displayed while on ‘Once and Again.’  That, or she has just gotten less interesting than she was on ‘The O.C.’

There’s also a new boy in-town.  Chris Andrews (played by Benjamin Hollingsworth) is visiting town from Iowa with his family when his handsome features attract the attention of a creepy model scout.  Soon both our leads are in the office of a top modeling agency, which is run by Elle Macpherson (though she’s NOT playing herself).  The new kid gets discovered and the girl’s past starts to come back to haunt her.  All to the sounds of the hottest songs du jour. While these characters are well-personified by Paxton and Hollingsworth, the clunky dialogue will keep the audience at a distance from this half-hour drama.