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Big Bang Theory has become one of the few shows I look forward to watching LIVE every week (no DVRing necessary, although, I do anyway).  The Chuck Lorre series has steadily been climbing the ratings charts and has just earned Jim Parsons (Sheldon) and Emmy nomination along the way. Bang finished season two as the third most popular comedy and Entertainment Weekly claims it may be “this decades  answer to Friends.” Seems about right to me.

Much to viewers delight, Penny graduates from just being the untouchable girl next door she was in season one, to being “just one of the guys.” The chemistry between the cast is fantastic and is one fuels the series. And for my money, the “friendship between Penny and Sheldon is really one of the main draws in season two.

In brief, season two includes; Penny becoming the casualty of online video games, Leonard getting a girlfriend, Sheldon learning to drive, Wolowitz loosing the Mars rover and Koothrappali .. well, he is around.

The DVD features include a one-on-one with Professor David Saltzberg, a real Physicist and consultant of the show (the guy that draws the hilarious math jokes on the white boards) a featurette on cast and creators and of course the all important gag reel (It’s a good one!)

Big Bang Theory returns on CBS on September 21st.