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What do Woody Allen and J.J. Abrams have in common? They both have their own font. I know this from watching hours and hours of ‘Fringe’ and the tasty special features that come inside its magical little boxed set. Like many shows every fall, I get super-interested in a new series, watch two episodes and then get distracted by the Food Network. So I was more than thrilled to sit down with Abrams’ show (created with Alex Kurtzman and Robert Orci). For those of you who are not yet cult followers, it’s only a matter of time. Fringe science, a mad scientist and the big, bad weapons and pharmaceutical companies that allows linger on the periphery – those are the elements that keep audiences returning week after week.

But if you’re already in the fold, then you want to know about the bells and whistles on this disc, of which there are many. For starters, there is Robert Orci’s Production Diary, which takes us behind the scenes as they shoot the pilot in Toronto (cheating Boston). There’s also features on the casting of the series and ‘Evolution: The Genesis of Fringe.’ Then for those of you who need a bit more fun, have a look at the gag reel or the bit on Gene the Cow. I am officially a big fan of this show. I hope they don’t run out of creepy stuff to feature in each episode. And, like, ‘LOST,’ I look forward to uncovering the true meaning behind such catch phrases as “What is written will come to pass.” Egads!