• Janet Jackson will honor her late brother with a Michael Jackson tribute at Sunday’s MTV Video Awards. By the way, Michael’s famous jeweled glove sold for $49,000.
  • Mandy Moore, let your hair down. The singer will voice the lead role in Disney’s Digital 3D-animated musical “Rapunzel.”
  • In a USA Today online poll, 46 percent said “Melrose Place” was “a waste of time.” Hey, give it some time.
  • Natalie Morales, such a charmer on “Middleman,” will be a regular on the new USA Network series “White Collar.”
  • Van Halen will reportedly tour in 2010. The band’s “Guitar Hero: Van Halen” will be out on Dec. 22.
  • September is National Honey Month. But who is our National Honey? There are so many beautiful women.