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“Superbad” director, Greg Mottola brings us a comedy about that last awkward summer job, post-college, pre-real world. Jesse Eisenberg is our gawky lead here, playing James Brennan – good with the books, not so much with the ladies. In order to save up some cash for that Columbia grad schooling, he finds himself taking a job running games at a Pittsburgh amusement park called Adventureland, where coming-of-age things ensue. The bosses of the place are played by (considerably muted) Kristin Wiig and Bill Hader, while the real attention lies with Kristen Stewart’s troubled, yet (for some reason) likable Em Lewin. She is currently #1 on IMDBPro’s Star Meter. Hmmmm.

But really it’s all about Eisenberg who’s got the crispy humour down-pat, and he makes for a really likable and determined fellow who is quickly learning not to be a doormat, and that’s always comforting to see. Eisenberg and Mottola do the commentary on the disc and Mottola also has a feature about his own adolescent experiences which led to this and other film/TV projects. While you couldn’t pay me to go back to those years of my life, it is a fun journey to witness, especially with characters like these.