The CW / Premieres 10 September @ 8pm

Somewhat predictably, the opening moments of ‘The Vampire Diaries’ involve a couple driving down a dark, foggy road and getting attacked / killed by a vampire. Cut to the morning scramble in a parent-less kitchen as the pimple-poppers prepare for an angst-y day at school. There’s a new kid in town and he’s a hot vampire (obviously, aren’t they all?). In this particular view on the vamps, much like ‘True Blood,’ it’s not necessary to kill humans to survive. They can live off of small animals and such and even be out in the sun thanks to a bit of jewelery. Ya know, because night school just ain’t as sexy…

So we’ve got the dashing, mysterious vampire and then there’s his bad news vampire brother, both trying to co-exist in a one cute little town. Pretty soon a cheeky teenage girl becomes the victim of a little nibbling and the nightmare begins. But with romance and an up-to-the-minute soundtrack, of course. Sure, the vampire angle is very “right now,” but methinks the characters (at least the leads) are far more interesting than the mythology that brings them together. DVR is set…at least for a few weeks.