Here it comes again: Beatlemania. I don’t think you can downplay how earth-shattering 9-9-09 is, as the Beatles, the most popular band in history, come alive with two significant milestones: the long-awaited digitally remastered catalog of 14 titles… and “The Beatles: Rock Band” video game. The hype is huge, the demand is overwhelming, the reviews are great. The time is right. The music business can certainly use the boost.

Beatles historian Martin Lewis said it well in USA Today:

“It’s going to create a much bigger stir than people can imagine. The Beatles are up there with Bibles and Shakespeare. You have to have these in your home. Boomers will replace their old copies with the remasters, and a large number of young people, the iPod generation, will want to own them, too.”

“The mark of great art is that it transcends the time it was created and speaks to people in the future as freshly as it did the day it was created.”

And something else to look forward, according to Billboard. ABC is planning a Beatles Thanksgiving special with band footage and contemporary artists performing Beatles songs.