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This is how it usually goes down: a whole year of television goes by and I don’t watch one episode of ‘Desperate Housewives,’ then at the end of the summer the box set shows up on my desk, I watch one episode while doing laundry and other stuff, then another while on Facebook, then another and another and another. Until they’re all gone. It’s a total guilty pleasure and I won’t hide from it. The wives of Wisteria Lane are just so much fun to watch. This fifth season brings us up to (and beyond) the glorious 100th episode line. That particular episode, featuring Beau Bridges as the neighborhood’s beloved handyman, is probably the best of the season as it looks back to pivotal moments with all our ladies many years before.

Beyond the episodes, the set does include a great selection of bonus features, beginning with a bloopers reel to rival most, a look at one episode’s shooting process from the table read to shooting, and “So Very Teri,” a mini-homage to Ms. Hatcher and her Lucille Ball-esque stunts, pratfalls and comic timing. If you’re looking for a bit of distraction this holiday weekend, here she be.