While there may be some out there who slide all this delicious new media straight into their shiny iPods and Apple TVs and assorted other gadgets and gizmos, there are still those of us who relish in the perverse pleasure known as shrink wrap.  And inside that glossy shield, there are many discs awaiting us: the movies, the series, the music, the boxed sets.  Below, have a look at just a tiny sampling of what is coming down the line this fall…



Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
1 September
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A great drama that you may have missed (if it even played in your neck of the woods) directed by Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden.  It’s the story of a 19 year-old boy who leaves his family in the Dominican Republic to play minor league baseball in Iowa, and hopefully, bring a slice of the American dream back to his loved ones.

Fringe: The Complete First Season

Warner Home Video
8 September
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Just a few days before season two hits our televisions (17 September @ 9pm), the complete first season drops on DVD.  Trouble is, that may not be enough time to get through all the episodes and the bonus features!  These features are the real reason to run out and grab this set.  They include: the genesis of the series, behind-the-scenes, making-of, casting, visual effects featurette, unaired scenes, a gag reel, Roberto Orci’s production diary, Gene the Cow montage and three full-length commentaries with JJ Abrams, Orci, Alex Kurtman, Akiva Goldsman and more.  Oooooh.


The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency

HBO Home Entertainment
8 September
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While this was a limited series (7 episodes), it is absolutely one that cannot be missed.  If not for the charming source material (the internationally bestselling novels by Alexander McCall Smith), then you must see it for Jill Scott (or as we are referring to her, WHO KNEW?).  A REVELATION, WE SAY!  The pilot was directed by the late Anthony Minghella and one of the features on the 3-disc set is his Behind-the-Scenes look at the making of it in Botswana. Good stuff.

Jay-Z: The Blueprint 3

11 September
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It has taken eight years for Jay-Z to complete The Blueprint trilogy, but the day is finally near. Among the featured celebrity collaborations are Kanye West (of course) Rihanna and MGMT. The album will also feature the track “History” inspired by the recent election of Barack Obama.


Gary Go

15 September
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A new, fun pop hero has landed on the scene with his peppy single, “Wonderful.”  We like.

Grey’s Anatomy: The Complete Fifth Season

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment
15 September
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While the original cast may be dwindling, the show keeps going on.  The bonus features on this one include a special look from episode 100, outtakes and unaired scenes.


Pearl Jam: Backspacer

20 September

The Seattle rock band’s ninth album is lean and mean at 11 songs and less than 37 minutes. And, according to bloggers, may be more fun than the usual angst-ridden guitar rock.

Paramore: Brand New Eyes

Fueled By Ramen
29 September

The band’s follow-up to “Riot!” “The new record still sounds like Paramore,” says frontwoman Hayley Williams. “It feels like we’ve grown up a lot, but there’s still the same core. And I like that, because we always want to progress and get better.”


The Wizard of Oz: 70th Anniversary Edition

Warner Home Video
29 September
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It’s limited, it’s numbered, it’s Blu-ray.  With 16 hours of bonus-ness (4 of which are truly NEW), this is quite the gift. Plus there’s the all-important digital copy.

Michael Buble: Crazy Love

Reprise Records
13 October
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11 standards, 2 originals, Have a listen for tracks like ‘You’re Nobody Till Somebody Loves You,’ ‘Georgia On My Mind’ and ‘Baby (You’ve Got What It Takes).’ We’re pretty jazzed about it.


Shakira: She Wolf

13 October

Shakira’s latest features some of her most club-oriented music to date. Electronic pop with strong bass and prominent world music textures… and of course, plenty of blatant sex appeal.

The Flaming Lips: Embryonic

13 October

The group’s 12th album and first double LP promises to please longtime psych-rock fans who may have been disappointed by the more commercial aspect of its previous two efforts.


Flight of the Concords: I Told You I Was Freaky

20 October
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Their HBO series is on “hiatus” so now we can only get our Concords fix through their music. The albums title track was featured on the second season with a fantastically hilarious music video to accompany it. Find it on YouTube.

Weezer: Raditude LP

27 October

Forget the odd album name and the fact that Weezer hasn’t really had a hit in a couple of years (we are not counting “‘Troublemaker’) Their leaked single “(If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To” showed some promise and we are certainly ready for Weezer to be back on top of the charts. Plus we like the track name “The Girl Got Hot.”


Tegan and Sara: Sainthood

27 October

For the first time in their six album history the two sisters tackled writing songs together. A reported 15 tracks made the album which are self described as “rocky” and “poppy.” I imagine, much like their past records, that they will be featured in melodramatic ABC dramas this upcoming Fall.

Will Ferrell: You’re Welcome America. A Final Night With George W. Bush

HBO Entertainment
3 November
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The hit Broadway show finally gets the chance to see the inside of your living room.


Fraggle Rock: The Complete Series

4 November
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Well it’s about time!


Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment
10 November
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One of the most enjoyed family films of the year is hitting DVD and Blu-Ray with a delectable 2-disc-er filled to the brim with bonus features, including the short, ‘Partly Cloudy’ which played in cinemas before the film.


Glee: The Music, Volume 1

Columbia Records
15 November
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The (soon-to-be) hit series has more than one soundtrack in the pipeline from it’s uber-talented cast.  This first volume will include the pilot episode’s pivotal “Don’t Stop Believin” as well as pop treats like “Gold Digger” and “No Air” and even Broadway show-stoppers like “Defying Gravity.” Friggin’ brilliant.

Norah Jones: TBA


Here’s another jazzy one for ya.  Or maybe not actually.  She brought on a producer who’s worked with the likes of Kings of Leon and did some writing with Ryan Adams.  Could be fun!


Kris Allen: TBA

19 Records
17 November
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He was our favorite our along.  We are most anxious to hear his debut album.

Gone with the Wind: 70th Anniversary Ultimate Collector’s Edition DVD

Warner Home Video / 17 November
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It’s a velvet keepsake box, people! And inside it there’s the movie, “Gone with the Wind” (obviously) plus eight hours of bonus-ness, two of which are actually new documentaries. Here are the details from the press release:

  • 1939: Hollywood’s Greatest Year is a fascinating tribute to a year considered to be one of Hollywood’s greatest. This documentary, narrated by Kenneth Branagh, had its on-air premiere in July as part of TCM’s month-long festival saluting that year’s ‘bumper-crop’ of films.
  • Gone with the Wind: The Legend Lives On is an exploration of the legacy of this most beloved film through illuminating interviews, footage and visits to historical sites, events and museums.
  • Moviola: The Scarlett O’Hara Wars — a 1980 WBTV Special, never before seen on home video.

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