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Available Today

After 5 years, 2000 days in the field, 204 locations, 62 countries and shooting on all 7 continents, DisneyNature’s ‘Earth’ is finally available to safely pick up at your local DVD shop. There is nothing quite as comforting as watching a shark attack in 30 below temperatures while nestled safely on your couch.

The BluRay copy, besides showcasing some amazing never before scene photography and exotic locals in high-definition, also comes equipped with some fancy features. Like a very cool Google Earth-esq menu that lets you highlight points on the globe and watch short video or footnote on that specific part of the world.

BluRay owners will also get an in-depth behind the scenes look on how they were able to pull off such a documentary. Between fending off polar bears between shots, and helicopter rides that most pilots in the world are not brave enough to lead, “Earth” seems like it was more of a problem production than James Camerons “Titanic.”

You really come to appreciate not only the photography that was captured for ‘Earth’ but the extraordinary challenges that the filmmakers faced in order to get it. Movies as beautiful as ‘Earth’ can only really be appreciated in BluRay.Ea