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This is one of those shows that I like to watch on airplanes.  It’s colorful, it’s silly, it’s fun to watch all the ladies on it drink and drink and drink.  As the cover of the box will tell you, this is the “second and final season.”  Too bad.  I have no idea when this show was on or who watched it, but I find the DVDs enjoyable.  It’s mostly fantastic for the girls.  There’s Christina Applegate (who never gets enough credit, btw), Jean Smart, Jennifer Esposito and Melisa McCarthy (who makes me giggle a bit too much – I may have to revisit ‘The Gilmore Girls’).

So we go with Samantha through her mini-escapades as she tries to recover her memory, and perhaps become a better person.  Sure, it’s not the stuff of Pulitzers, but the girls are funny and so is the writing.  There’s bloopers on here (although they are pretty paltry) and other bonus features like: deleted scenes, a set tour with Ms. Applegate, and a dance segment with her and Ms. Smart (two ways) that you will surely enjoy.  I know I did.