The Princeton Review ranks America’s Top Party Schools, and this year it’s Penn State, ahead of Florida, Mississippi and Georgia.

Now GQ has compiled its first America’s 25 Douchiest Colleges. The magazine believes all college kids are douche bags when they go off to college… the question is “what kind of douche bag do you aspire to be?”

I don’t know if you should be proud of this but here’s the top 10:

10. Colorado (The Kind-Bud Douche)
9. Wasilla (The Snow-Machine Douche)
8. Rollins (The Jet Ski Douche)
7. Amherst (“I Went to a Small liberal-arts College in Massachusetts” Douche)
6. Bob Jones (“Not Even College Republicans at Others Schools will Talk to You” Douche)
5. Deep Springs (“I Went to a School So Exclusive, Only Six People Know About It and Half of Them Are So Smart They’re Clinically Insane” Douche)
4. Harvard (The Harvard Douche)
3. Princeton (The Eating-Club Douche)
2. Duke (The O.D. (Original Douche)
1. Brown (“The Peace Sign On My Mom’s Series 7” Douche)