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You really can’t swing a cat in Manhattan without hitting one of those signs from the Mayor’s Office announcing that ‘Gossip Girl’ is about to start filming right where you are standing.  In season two of the deliciously glossy tween uber-hit, the drama about a few Upper East Side prep-schoolers gets even juicier.  Cleverly, the writers have used each episode to mark the seasons of the city rather than just looking to May Sweeps to ramp up to a big Sadie Hawkins dance (although there IS a charity ball in there). We get to see summer in the Hamptons, Fashion Week, fall foliage, college visitation days and everything else that leads up to the holidays.

Everyone is just as pretty and vicious as they were last year, but now they are more lips to smooch and abs to oggle.  Young Jenny is the hottest mess of the lot, but she gets entirely too much screen time – I don’t care how cute you think her haircut is.  The young ladies who buy the DVD will be happy to see that an excerpt from the new book in the series, “I Will Always Love You” is included in the case.  Other gems on the discs are: a map to see all the hotspots from the show, a gag reel, webisodes with Dorota (LOVE her), and a feature on the art and fashion of the series.  I KNOW that the show is a guilty pleasure for anyone over the age of 17, but it’s got good characters, great music and production design, and just enough sudsiness to keep you watching these episodes back-to-back if you haven’t seen them already.  Or maybe even for a second viewing…