Brian Boitano, Olympic gold medal figure skater… and now celebrity cook. “What Would Brian Boitano Make?” debuts Sunday on the Food Network, and it promises to be a camp classic. Boitano — who is using “What Would Brian Boitano Do?,” the “South Park” ditty as his theme song — will be cooking in his San Francisco kitchen for friends. Our Joyhog mascot has been salivating over an upcoming episode in which Boitano cooks for a roller-derby team with BACON, mmmm BACON, an ingredient in every dish, including dessert.

Boitano spoke to Slashfood about the bacon bit:

“I’m getting a lot of input on the bacon. Did you realize that bacon is like the No. 1 search of food? If you add anything bacon-wise, it’s a hit. People love, love, love bacon. I like bacon, but really this show is about me preparing things for what people want, not what I eat. So the derby girls wanted all bacon, so they got all bacon.”