So, Summer is pretty much over. But that’s ok, The Awesome List is back! Stop your back to school shopping for a second and click below!

(500) Days of Summer: The Soundtrack


A perfect companion to an adorable film. Featuring the likes of Regina Spektor, Carla Bruni, The Smiths, Zooey Deschanel and The Temper Trap, which may just be the greatest find of the lot.


09-09-09 is a big day for Fab Four fans. The Beatles : Rock Band video game hits stores, as well as digitally remastered versions of all the band’s studio albums.

Emmanuelle Chriqui


Sensational as Sloan, the ideal girl friend, on “Entourage.”



USA’s quirky detective series is going out on a high note with compelling storylines and top-notch guest stars.

JoyHog’s Face lift!


We have ventured out to L.A. so we decided to get a nip and a tuck.

Mad Men: Season Two DVD


Season One was a a cigarette lighter, now we get a shirt box. The clever packaging knows no bounds. Can’t wait for number three.

“Inherent Vice” by Thomas Pyncheon

Nobody writes like Pyncheon. His latest is a noir mystery about a stoner PI in 1970s LA. Penguin produced an outlandish book trailer.



Beyonce-Lady Gaga showdown on Sept. 13.

Romance Awareness Month

Write a love letter… plan a romantic getaway… propose… before August ends.

GQ Remembers Michael Jackson


Photo Credit:  Bonnie Schiffman/GQ/ Corbis Outline

Those youngins out there probably only remember Michael Jackson as a punchline, but there once was a time when Michael Jackson was cool.

Michelangelo’s First Painting


At the Metropolitan Museum of Art until 7 September. You best hurry if you want to see this bit of history.



And, finally, JoyHog is now on Twitter. It’s like when we first succumbed to the need for Friendster, only more work.