David Shore, the executive producer of “House” shared some of their plans during the Television Critics Association last week.

“It really is a movie,” said Shore. “We cast it early, we spent a week rehearsing and it virtually all takes place in that institution. It takes place not over three or four days as most episodes do, but over three or four months. It is not just dealing with the Vicodin addiction but House realizing he’s got deeper issues. He is taking that first step. And one of the mantras of the show is that people don’t change … But we also can’t just stagnate.”

“It is about him recognizing that he needs to change and maybe that he wants to,” said Shore. “Whether he’s able to is a completely other question and we sort of explore that.”

Meanwhile, the “snakesonacane” website that we mentioned last week has been updated with a post-it note that reads “I was deluded into thinking I might be crazy.”

So, something to talk about I suppose….