• Michael Jackson will get to perform one last time for his fans. A film culled from rehearsals for Jackson’s “This Is It” concert series will be released on Oct. 30.
  • Music movie 2: A biopic of country icon Hank Williams is heading to the big screen.
  • The sands in the hourglass of “Days of Our Lives” are now streaming on NBC.com
  • The creators of “Arrested Development” are working on a new comedy starring Will Arnett. In the Fox reunion Arnett will play a rich Beverly Hills “jackass” who falls in love with a charitable tree-hugging woman who can’t stand his lifestyle or values.
  • “King of the Hill” will end its 13-season run with an hourlong series finale on Sept. 13.
  • Joe DiMaggio lets it all hang out in a nude photo (from a postgame shower, circa 1940) currently hanging in a San Francisco art gallery, part of an exhibition, “Hunted and Gathered,” from the collection of museum curator Robert Flynn Johnson.