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In Shops August 11th

I grew up on Ninja Turtles. I have two giant boxes of toys in my parent’s basement to prove it. So when the Blu-Ray Ninja Turtles box set arrived in the mail I let out an involuntary squeal of excitement.

The first film coming to theaters was probably the biggest event of my early childhood. Watching it again nineteen years later I realize that I haven’t forgot a single line from the movie, which I guess makes me a little depressed/concerned.

For those of you who are not Ninja Turtle aficionados, the original concept and comic by Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman was much darker and grittier than the now famous children’s cartoon. Something that was reflected in the first film and lost as the series continued. I blame Hollywood and protective mothers with stupid children.

As most Blu-Ray movie transfers are, the picture and sound quality is as good as it could get. It is really the packaging that is superb though. The four films are packaged in a pizza box style carton complete with off tone printing and grease stains.

The Blu-Ray set comes with recipe cards (do people actually use these) Ninja Turtles black beanie hat and original Ninja Turtles ‘The Movie’ comic by Eastman and Laird. This swag will have to suffice because as far as special features go, there are none. Or more specifically, no special features for any of the live action films. This is disappointing because I know for a fact that there was an entire ‘Behind The Shell’ documentary that was released after the second film that would have been a perfect addition the set. (I still own the VHS, btw)

With ‘Turtles’ celebrating their 25th anniversary and the franchise is getting a reboot you can’t help but salivate at the idea of a Ninja Turtles using “Where The Wild Things Are’ special effects and Bourne Ultimatum choreography. Let’s hope those stupid children don’t ruin it for us.