Spamalot 6
Ahmanson Theatre, Los Angeles
On through 6 September 2009

I first saw “Spamalot” on Broadway a few years back.  It was opening night and the cast was basically perfect: Hank Azaria, Tim Curry, David Hyde Pierce, and particularly the work of pre-‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Sara Ramirez.  I must say that I don’t have the greatest recollection of anything that went on in the plot (search for the Holy Grail, comedy ensues) but I do remember laughing my ass off and wanting to go back.

Now more than four years later, the show has come to L.A. for a brief engagement at the Ahmanson.  John O’Hurley of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ fame plays King Arthur, leading a cast of folks that are not “names” per se, but really amazing talents.  And once again, the standout of the show (and her character knows it) is The Lady of the Lake.  She is a fierce uber-diva who has the the voice, the body and the glitter to make you crack up and be awestruck at the same time.  The actress who plays her is Merle Dandridge.  She’s amazing, and I kind of want to be her friend.

Aside from that “Find Your Grail” song, there isn’t much you’ll be humming to.  But it’s waaaay more entertaining than most any other night at the theatre.