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Once the pride of HBO, Entourage has inevitably begun to run out of steam. During it’s fifth season there were even rumors that the Emmy award winning series may not return for a sixth.

Season five picks up right after season four’s disastrous screening of “Medellin.”  Chase and the gang fly off to Mexico to (predictably) decompress, spend money and sleep with girls.

Up until the final two episodes of the season, the stakes all rest, again, on Vince Chase’s career rather than the friendships that make up the entourage itself.  Chase finds himself struggling to get hired and then finds himself fired from a film. Arri (predictably) comes in to try to make the save and much like every other season that came before, everything falls apart and then magically works out by the 13th episode.

Season five also stories a bunch mildly interesting sub-plots; Eric is starting his own Management company, Drama slowly succeeding as a television actor and Turtle re-examines his contribution (besides providing weed) to the foursome.

All-in-all, season five is an unremarkable season compared to the rest. Thankfully though season six will lead in with Vince’s casting in the Scorsese remake of Great Gatsby.