Giveaway! TNT Backpack Including: T-Shirt, DVD and Chocolates!

Giveaway! TNT Backpack Including: T-Shirt, DVD and Chocolates!


Are you looking for a new backpack and also a fan of TNT programming? Perfect. JoyHog is giving away this fancy TNT backpack filled with “The Closer” chocolates, “Hawthorne” T-Shirt and Season 2 of “Saving Grace” on DVD!

Get the details and more pictures of the goods after the jump. Contest ends July 21st so sign up now!





Winning is an easy 2 step process.

  1. First, just leave a comment below with an email address that you can be contacted at (email address will not be posted)
  2. Second, subscribe to our daily newsletter.

Just so you know, the subscription will need to be activated (check your email once you have submitted it.) Please use the same email for both steps. You do not have to remain a subscriber and may unsubscribe at anytime after the giveaway is over (in this case anytime after July 21st, 2009).

More Rules:

  • Winners are chosen randomly.
  • The entries must be received by July 21st 2009, before 11:59pm Pacific time.
  • You may only enter the giveaway once.
  • Make sure you provide the email with which we can get in touch with you.
  • The giveaway is only open to residents of the United States.


  1. Woot! Hooray for TNT!

  2. I wanna win!

  3. I HAVE to win this!!! OMG!

  4. Dear Joy Hog,
    The following reasons are why I need this prize:
    I moved cross country and left all my friends and family. I have no friends here, I can’t get a full-time job and am stuck working part-time in retail. I have a noisey roommate, and I mean NOISEY in everything she does. I don’t even need to go into that (I hope). I can no longer afford my apartment on my minimum wage job and will probably lose cable. So I’d like to have a little something to get me through the night besides a blank tv screen. Sincerely, your loyal reader Lauren

  5. Hopefully……

  6. such an awesome prize pack, i never made the switch over to digital (crazy, i know) so i have been surviving off dvds for the past month+. would love to own that saving grace dvd!

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