confessionsI must admit I do carry a soft spot for a good romantic comedy. Casting the charming Isla Fisher only increases its odds for mass appeal. Shopaholic however, is terrible.

Isla Fisher plays Becky Bloomwood, the not-at-all qualified journalist for a financial magazine who writes an anonymous column about managing your money. Of course, Bloomberg is thousands of dollars in debt due to her shopping habit. The villain in the story is a debt collector named Derek Smeath. Becky Bloomwood is Smeath’s Moby Dick and stops at nothing to try to collect her debt.

On top of this, Becky juggles falling for her boss, secretly trying to weasel into her dream job at a fashion magazine and trying to cover up her shopaholic-ism… Needless to say, Bloomwood’s web of lies falls apart in the most improbable way possible.

This movie has no redeeming qualities. Poor Isla Fisher couldn’t save this sinking ship. It’s fine to push the realm of reality in a romantic comedy but this one seems to go where most cartoons wouldn’t ever dare.

The DVD comes with a bonus digital copy for you to throw on your lap top or iPhone, but, lets be honest – it would be a waste of valuable hard drive space.