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I couldn’t bring myself to see “Revolutionary Road” at the cinema, and it certainly isn’t a date movie. But now that it has hit DVD, it’s safe to bear this harsh reality all by your lonesome. The work of Sam Mendes, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet is truly astounding, as is the material if you are not familiar. And while the film is it’s own work of art, the DVD has a feature called “Lives of Quiet Desperation: The Making of ‘Revolutionary Road’.” In the mini-doc, we hear about the genesis of the film and why the Richard Yates novel from which it was based was so remarkable for its time (and even for present-day). Screenwriter Justin Haythe (a most talented fellow) chimes in on the privilege of adapting the book, while producer John Hart talks about the logistics of making this film sans soundstages in Connecticut during the month of August when the humidity is not-so-cute. There’s also a batch of deleted scenes (beautiful stuff, but even more Debbie Downer than the rest of the film) if you’re up for the task.