A few “musts” from the actor who is topless on this week’s cover of EW.


Reynolds presents his picks for favorite movie, TV show, band, and book – plus a great new idea for a musical.

Must Movie: Being There

Must TV Show: Intervention

Must Band: The Be Good Tanyas

Must Book: The Tale of the Unknown Island, by Jose Saramago

Must Videogame: N/A “I don’t really play videogames,” he says. “Is there a way to waste more f—ing time? The Internet’s enough. The last videogame I played was Ms. Pacman.”

Must Website: The Huffington Post

Must Gadget: The Kindle

Must Scapegoat for the Moral Decline of Modern Society: Jon & Kate Plus Eight “I find that whole situation to be horrible and awful. Every time I see the headlines, I begin an inner hurricane of throwing up. I wanna see Jon & Kate Plus Eight, the Musical. Jon versus Kate.,I wanna see four kids on one side, and four kids on the other, snapping menacingly to music as they walk toward one another.”