Goodbye ‘Best Week Ever.’ I will miss you.

Now, onto the Awesome List.

Harper’s Island


Okay, so maybe CBS jumped the gun with this show by starting it up before we were in summer mode. Or maybe the ads didn’t capture the “Scream”-meets-haunted-house element of the show. It’s good, trashy fun with plenty of mystery and more gore than you thought you could ever fathom seeing on network television. Plus, when they name episodes ‘Gurgle,’ ‘Sploosh’ or ‘Thwack’ you gotta give a show credit for knowing exactly the kind of creature it is.

The Transformers: The Complete First Season 25th Anniversary Edition

Shout! Factory

The ORIGINAL Autobots and Decepticons, people. All is takes is the first few moments for the nostalgia to hit you full-force. That theme song, those sound effects, the drama! This will certainly tide us over until the “Matrix of Leadership” Edition Collector’s Set comes out next month with 38 hours of bonus content. You can watch that on the long bus ride down to Comic-Con.

Nurse Jackie


Finally a hospital show with a character that doesn’t give a crap about the patients.


Original Soundtrack from the Sci Fi Channel Television Pilot Episode
La-La Land Records

Since when do pilots get their own soundtracks? Well, we’re not at all sad that there is one for ‘Caprica.’ While the music by Bear McCreary is more moody and less action-packed than the work he did for ‘Battlestar Galactica,’ it’s just the right tone for these sci-fi shows that are so heady they require more than the usual tricks to get us hooked. Of course, once we are, it’s like crack. Nerd crack.

Eastbound & Down: The Complete First Season

HBO Home Entertainment

Danny McBride just makes us so very…uncomfortable. But once we get past the awkwardness of his hair, we can really enjoy the trials and tribulations of Kenny Powers and his less than gracious fall from stardom. Deleted scenes and bloopers at no extra charge

Fallen Princes Series


Photographer Dina Goldstein’s  “Fallen Princesses” series depicts “fairy tale characters in modern day scenarios.” Hooray!

“Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix” / Phoenix


French rockers captivate American audience with well-crafted pop record.

Ghostbusters 25 Year Anniversary

Can you believe it has been 25 years since these characters touched our hearts? I feel old now.

Alice Ripley in “Next To Normal”

Tony-winning performance shows “Billy Elliott” is not the only Broadway musical worth seeing.

Generation Kill

Blu-ray DVD
HBO Home Entertainment

If you haven’t seen this incredible miniseries from the creators of ‘The Wire,’ then you’re just a fool. Yeah, we said it. Now chop chop. Movies and TV shows about the war are basically so five minutes ago at this point (yes, Army Wives, we KNOW you’re back). But this is the best of the contenders in the genre.

USA Network

“Royal Pains” joins “Burn Notice” and “In Plain Sight” on the summer
TV watch list.

Watch the pilot

Downtown Chic

by Robert and Courtney Novogratz
Rizzoli Books

Sweep out the old, people. Tis the season to redecorate. The authors of this book know all about the game of “make it work” and it was the start of their business, Sixx Design ( This book will get your waves of inspiration heated up, and remind you that we could all do with a little more color and creativity. And, yes, it’s okay to confuse the wine cellar with the living room. It happens.