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Here’s yet another weirdo DVD Paramount slapped together to promote the new Star Trek movie. This trilogy is made up of films II, III and IV. Now maybe a true Trekkie could explain that thinking to me, but whatever. So here we’ve got “The Wrath of Khan,” “The Search for Spock” and “The Voyage Home.” Now my brother Patrick (you know, Mr. JoyHog producer!) and I used to watch number IV, so that’s the one I revisited. I think it’s because I like whales. Anyhoo, they’ve all been remastered for picture and sound quality, so they look pretty amazing, I must say. And yeah, the stories hold up as Star Trek adventures even though the on-screen graphics look like when I played Oregon Trail on my Apple IIe. I had totally forgotten about that marine biologist chic who gets wrapped up in the whole adventure. Guess she went on to be one of those crazies who chats about the men from the future and the mission she was on during singles nights at the bar before she runs home to the kitties. But I digress. Whales are cool, Star Trek has still got it, but sometimes boxed sets don’t make much sense.