Lets be honest, Pixar can pretty much do no wrong. They have mastered the art of making children’s stories appeal to every demographic under the sun. Their CG is extraordinary, their characters are memorable and their writing is superb. UP is of course no exception to that. Reviews have called it better than its Academy Award winning predecessor; Wall-E and I may just have to agree with them.

The story follows 78-year-old Carl Fredricksen, as he decides to move his house, via 1000 helium balloons, to South America to fulfill a life long dream and also to escape being put into a home. Russell, an 8-year-old wilderness explorer unfortunately gets trapped on his porch at the time of departure. The adventure takes off in South America when the pair face popping balloons, a rare Looney Toons inspired bird and herds of talking dogs.

Adventure aside, there is a four minute sequence in UP with no dialogue that will leave your bottom lip quivering. The story of Carl Frederickson is both heartbreaking and heartwarming and you will surely hear a couple of rug-rats in the theater tugging on their mothers sleeves asking them why they are crying. That’s ok though, UP is so enjoyable you will forget about turning over your shoulder to give them dirty looks.