Beautiful People
Premieres on 26 May @ 10:30pm ET

When I first met Simon Doonan, he was doing press for one of his books, and I immediately saw the charm and colorful personality that have brought his fan base to his writing, and, of course, to the doors of Barney’s, where he is creative director. Now the BBC show about his upbringing in small-town England (based on the book of the same name) has come to the US via Logo. It’s a half-hour comedy that takes us into the unlikely boyhood home where Doonan’s eccentric persona was first brought to light. In the first two episodes, we see a young boy who tries on dresses, sings showtunes, knows how to turn a phrase and has a (male) best mate who refers to him as “girlfriend.” The language (which is also rather colorful) is often bleeped out for our delicate American ears, but we still get the gist. It’s a wonderful little ensemble of actors who bring this world to life, and it’s written with comedic flair and plenty of heart by Jonathan Harvey. This is definitely one to check out during the great television lull that is summertime.