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‘LOST’ Season Finale


WTF!? What happened to the statue? What’s the “loophole”? How was Juliet even remotely alive after taking that plunge? And more importantly, what the ‘F happened to the island when the bomb went off?

“It only ends once, everything else is progress.” – Jacob


Another classic Andy Samberg/Justin Timberlake digital short.

True Blood: The Complete First Season

HBO Home Entertainment
In shops on 19 May

Season two is already backstage putting its pants on, so you’d best get caught up. That starts on 14 June, so you have a month to go. The complete first season DVD set includes a mock-u-mentary about vampires in America, PSAs (both pro and con) which address vampire rights, and service ads for dating, vampire lawyers, etc. Oh, and all the season one episodes are on there as well.

Public Enemies Poster’s

Is it wrong that the sight of Christian Bale with a tommy-gun makes me feel uneasy?

The trailer for “Nine”

Rob Marshall’s song-and-dance feature, due in November, features Daniel Day-Lewis, Nicole Kidman, Fergie, Kate Hudson, Penelope Cruz, Judi Dench, Daniel Day-Lewis, Sophia Loren and Marion Cotillard.


Putamayo World Music
In shops on 19 May

You’ve probably seen these discs at your local over-priced coffee shop. Putamayo does great compilations that make a nice addition to your iTunes collection for that dinner party that you’ll throw when you finally get grown-up furniture. You’ll recognize a few of the tunes as soon as you hear them (Marco Calliari’s “L’Americano”) and you’ll discover a few new favorites. Crazy fun, like a Fellini film. Enjoy.

“21st Century Breakdown,” Green Day

The 90s punk brats have still got the drive on their eighth album. Watch them on SNL (May 16th season finale).

Michelle Obama on Maxim’s Hot 100

The First Lady is No. 93, one ahead of “Chuck’s” Yvonne Strahovski

Parisian Hideaways by Casey O’Brien Blondes

Layout 1
Rizzoli Books

Now that we’ve installed that damn Air France widget, there is no escaping the desire to have a quick weekend in Paris. In this new (and beautiful) book, we get a peek into the coolest hotels in the city of light. Rather than wander through all their respective websites, the photographs here show you the rooms, the ambience, pinpoint it’s locale on a map inside the front cover, and give you a true sense of the style (Marquis de Ser or Lacroix?). And if you’re just too broke to go to Paris, then buy this book and pretend you did.