startrek-generationCBS DVD
In shops on 12 May

Now that you have all seen the new movie and dropped your Enterprise onesies off at the dry cleaners, you will surely be revisiting your series of choice. Both the original recipe and Next Generation have put out these “best of” DVDs. For this disc, it’s four episodes, two of which are when Picard gets sucked in by The Borg. This DVD is fine as a starter set. For me it just made me ask all those where-are-they-now questions about the cast. My mind wandered to “Stand By Me,” ‘Reading Rainbow,’ ‘The View’ and whatever the hell the rest of them are up to. With only four episodes, the price of $15 makes sense, but to call it ‘best of’? C’mon now. This is a paltry collection. Maybe it’s fine for some 6 year-old who just wants a taste of the old school trek, but the rest of us know we’re far better off saving our pennies for the complete series or something equally as nerdy and pricey.