In shops on 12 May

Here’s one to add to the pile of safe gifts for complete strangers. These two fellas have gotten to the bottom of all that stuff we just can’t name, but encounter in everyday life.  For example:

  • DAP – this is the common fist-bump and used to be an acronym for Dignity and Pride
  • THE KEEPER – “the loop on a belt, through which the free end of the belt threads after it has gone through the buckle”
  • PHLOEM BUNDLES – “the squidgy, stringy bits that run between the skin and the edible portion of the banana.”

Sure, you could probably just look this up on Wikipedia, but this book is the classier way to go.  It’s also good to have this knowledge in your back pocket just in case you ever want to gently let someone know that they’re a nincompoop.