When ‘X-Men’ was released in 2000 it rejuvenated the entire comic-to-film adaptation phenomenon. Since then, the practice has been refined over the years (Batman Begins, V for Vendetta, Iron Man, etc) ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ takes it one big step back.

Wolverine’s origins story was alluded to in the trilogy. Logan/Jimmy’s relationship with his brother ‘Sabertooth’ is explained as well as how he got those fancy metal claws and no memory of how it happened. While it certainly isn’t as drab as X3, ‘Wolverine’ makes little to no attempt to make the audience care or relate to anyone. On top of that, there is some straight-from-the-comic type shots that just make you feel embarrassed to be sitting in the theater: Spoiler Alert: Ex. A shot of Wolverine carrying his dead girlfriend into the sunset overlaid by a full melodramatic orchestra. This comes after a shot of him screaming up into the sky, cradling the same dead girlfriend in the woods.

As we follow Wolverine from his childhood in 1845 to present day a handful of new ‘soon-to-be’ X-Men from the Marvel universe are peppered into the story. Including Taylor Kitsch (Friday Night Lights) as my personal favorite mutant, ‘Gambit’ (who may actually be the best part of the movie.)

‘Wolverine’ is a passable addition to the X-Men franchise, but not quite what the fans deserve. Up until the big ‘WolverineGate’ of ’09 the hype around the film was minimal and perhaps it should have stayed that way. It certainly kicked off the Summer movie season but is sure to be an afterthought by mid-June.