Sony Pictures Classics
Tribeca Film Festival ’09

Two rivalry brothers, Beto “Rudo” (Luna) and Tato “Cursi” (Garcia Bernal) are living in a very small town in Mexico, working hard to earn an living and keep their families afloat. Soon, a weasel-y looking (but honest) scout plucks them from a home town football match and gives them the hopes and dreams they have always wished for. Soon they end up in Mexico City playing football for two opposing teams, and are thrust into the instant trials and tribulations of fame. As we all know (at least from movies and magazines), with fame comes the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, and these brothers get lost in the mix. They seem to find their way back to each other but with very unexpected events. From the brilliant minds of “Y tu Mamá También” producers and writers, this film has elements that remind us of the 2001 masterpiece which was so well-loved. Again, the combination of this team, including Luna and Bernal, makes us realize chemistry on set is key to creating a family dynamic and these guys nail it. Writer/Director, Carlos Cuarón makes his feature film directing debut with “Rudo y Cursi.” With such a magical team, this film truly works and has recently become the 3rd highest grossing film of all time in Mexico. The question is whether Cuarón will stray and step out of his comfort zone to become a renowned director and live up to his brother’s (Alfonso Cuarón, “Children of Men”) long list of successes. I say yes!