Sony Pictures Classics
Tribeca Film Festival ’09

Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell) has been living on the moon for three years. He has been isolated on a base called Selene, and is looking forward to the end of his contract in three week’s time. His only contact for the past three years has been GERTY, a machine that is equipped to provide him with anything he might need if something were to go wrong. Sam has been on the Moon mining Helium 3 to try and fix the Earth’s energy crisis, and now he awaits his replacement so he can return home to his wife and child and mend the relationship he left. On a routine repair, Sam has a small accident and suddenly wakes up to a different experience than he had expected. He is starting to hallucinate and suddenly his hopes for going home seem to be as distant as the Moon itself. Rockwell does an amazing job of keeping our attention through this film. Not many times do we sit and watch one actor for 90 minutes without walking out of the cinema. This film proves that a single performer can be enough if the content is there.