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I can’t remember if it was Bourne or Bond who first did the hop-skotch bit over city rooftops, but now it’s become an expected sequence in movies about secret agents. Beyond that, this Bond film features an exploding hotel, a boat chase, a plane chase, and, of course, car chases everywhere in between. Picking up where “Casino Royale” left off, Bond is out for revenge. The action sequences teeter between classic bond and jumping the shark with ‘c’mon now?’-type stunts. It’s all very slick and sexy and the locations definitely do their part; director Marc Forster says in the bonus material that the locations are characters unto themselves. And that’s always part of the fun when seeing a Bond film, to see bits of the world we didn’t even know about before. Some of the most enticing scenes involve a grand opera in Austria and a water chase in Panama. Other lovely bonus-ness includes a peak at stunt rehearsals, watching Daniel Craig jump off buildings and little nublets of behind-the-scenes trivia. For example, they wrecked 14 Aston Martins for this film. Tragic.

This Bond doesn’t feel as cohesive as the last, in part because of all these locales and a complicated plot that began with ‘Royale,’ but it is Bond nonetheless. And it always looks good to me.