Warner Bros.
In cinemas nationwide on 10 April

Well I did Observe and am very pleased to Report an unexpected, hilarious comedy by Jody Hill. I went into this film knowing it was going to be filled with raunchy humor, but the writing and execution of it beat all my expectations. Ronnie Barnhardt, a “rent a cop”, has a daily job at the local cookie-cutter mall with big dreams to one day join the force. Ronnie (played by Seth Rogen) finally has a chance to step up and show the woman he has had a crush on, Brandi (Anna Farris) that he is truly a defender for the people when a flasher begins surprising women in the parking lot. Brandi has become the most recent victim of a full-frontal assault and needs to be protected. Who is perfect for the job? Ronnie Barnhardt, or so he thinks. When the local police force gets involved, led by Detective Harrison (Ray Liotta) they’ve had just about had enough of this Rent-a-Cop and things get messy. Harrison then takes action and shows Ronnie what a real cop does. With the advice of his always intoxicated mom (Celia Weston), Ronnie is now going to make the “actual” police force and win the woman of his dreams. Needless to say things aren’t always what they seem. “Observe and Report” was well-cast (good ole Shelia Jaffe of ‘Entourage’ fame) and well-acted. It hit a home-run, and when you thought it was going to fit into the mold of every other Mall Cop comedy (or Cop Comedy for that matter) it takes a very unexpected turn. Jody Hill is someone I have a feeling we are going to see quite a bit of whether it be directing or writing. He might not be up to the Apatow phenomenon yet but he clearly gets the picture.