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Every 16 year-old straight girl and 32 year-old gay man wants the same thing: a handsome fella who can play Debussy on the piano and will open the car door for you. And if that’s your jam, then you best be looking for courtship in a vampire. And so, without having read the Stephanie Meyer books, I parked myself in bed one Saturday afternoon that should never have been wasted, and I took in the $300 million phenomenon. What “Twilight” provides is a dramatic, (if uneven) blend of teen life, terror and romantic drama. It’s as if “Mean Girls” was way less funny and squished together with ‘True Blood.’ There’s good vampires and bad, even fun family activities for the blood-suckers (some of which are vegetarians) like baseball games during a thunderstorm. Sure. For my money, the magic isn’t quite there with this cast (who I like very much in other things). In fact, the most interesting relationship is not the romance, but the father/daughter one. If you are that 16 year-old girl, then have at it. For my money, I’d rather wait for season two of ‘True Blood’ or just watch “The Lost Boys” again.