Wednesday 1 April 8pm ET / PT

Here’s a fun little April Fool’s special for you. Celebs pull the wool over the eyes of unsuspecting Americans in this show which airs Wednesday night. Heidi Kulm, Jeff Probst, Ice-T, LeAnn Rimes and Mario Lopez all play everyday workers in the service industry. With just a uniform for a disguise, they serve pizza, bag groceries, sell sneakers and hot dogs, all while their customers just go “you know who you look like?” Their response, of course, is “I get that a lot.” Mario Lopez has a hot dog stand (and a wife-beater, of course) on 77th Street by Central Park. Jeff Probst has a “Jeff” name tag and works at a supermarket checkout. Jessica Simpson is a computer repair specialist (Heaven help us all!). And Ms. Heidi Klum work’s a Joe’s Pizza on Broadway in Santa Monica. She was my favorite of the lot, perhaps because I am frequently spotted at this establishment myself… It’s fun gaggle of candid camera moments and all the celebrities involved seem to enjoy taking a few hours away from being themselves, especially LeAnn Rimes who will sing to you and bring you a slice of pie. Totes cute.