Premieres Tuesday 31 March @ 10:30pm ET/PT

The little show that could has made it to season three. For those of you who have never seen (or heard of) ‘My Boys,’ it’s worth a look. A half-hour comedy about a group of friends who live, drink and play poker in Chicago, Jordana Spiro heads up a cast of boys who are…well, total boys. Spiro plays a sportswriter who has a really nice poker table in her really nice apartment where she lives like one of the guys every time the ensemble gets together for a game. The trials and tribulations these characters endure are hardly epic, but rather they serve as seasoning to the meat of the show, which is its sincere and sometimes slapstick comedy. The first episode of the season finds the men getting involved in a mustache-growing contest, if that gives you any indication. And the story is also picking up at the wedding of Bobby (Kyle Howard) and his fiancee. So the dynamic is changing here in season three, but it’s still got that ‘Cheers’ meets ‘Gilmore Girls’ je ne sais quois to it. It’s not too late, if you wanna have a look at the surprisingly enjoyable results that come of TBS doing some original programming.