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Here’s a likely follow-up from ‘Degrassi: The Next Generation’ alum, Aaron Martin. In the spirit of ‘Felicity’ and the tone of the N Network (whatever that is), ‘The Best Years’ follows a freshman girl named Samantha Best, who has been accepted to a top Boston college on scholarship, and the obligatory trials and tribulations which follow. There’s her snob of a roommate, the hot basketball star down the hall, the funny smart guy, the sweet Asian girl, the soap actress trying to be a normal kid, and the playa of a bartender at the oh-so-cool watering hole all the 18 year-olds always manage to get into every night despite it’s velvet rope. These are pretty much stock characters, but then again, if it ain’t broke… So, we watch Samantha (played with spunk by Charity Shea) navigate her way into a world that is completely unfamiliar. There is some comedy and genuine drama, but overall the show has the feel of a high school cafeteria transplanted to the Ivy League. Maybe that’s the idea, considering it’s their first year and all… The storylines all work, too. They’ll make you press on to the next episode straightaway, though if you turn off the TV you may not be that inclined to go back to it unless you’re a teenage girl. And if that’s the target crowd, then perfect. For me, it makes me think back to JJ Abrams singing “A New Version of You.” …sigh…